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I’m Devanshu aka devdchaudhary


I’m an App Developer and I specialise in native iOS development.



What I do

I primarily focus on buidling native iOS development. I enjoy coming up with solutions to business problems and am very passionate about building innovative, interesting apps with clean code & user-friendly, minimalistic designs.

However I also have been able to delve into and gain experience in the following fields of work during my time as an iOS Developer and have extensive experience in them aswell.

iOS Developement

MacOS Developement





Over the years

Recent Work


Cristian Popa, CMO - Recosia

Devanshu has truly been an amazing programmer for the Recosia Team. His skills in iOS development and leadership have really helped the project in so many ways. Since the beginning he has been a hard worker implementing every one of our ideas into the app to make the dream come alive. He always listens to feedback and will go above and beyond expectations to constantly output amazing work. I couldn't have asked for a better lead dev for the team, and I look forward to having more of his amazing mind on a project as big as Recosia!
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