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Featured Projects

This is a collection of all projects of the companies that I've worked with so far and deployed as well as some of my own as well.

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Synthia - AI Companion

A Virtual AI Companion app that seeks to improve people's productivity and aim to be their all rounder helper.

United Fray

A sports app built for United Fray and it's associated clubs for players to book games in their respective leagues.

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Beehive Sports

A sports app built for Beehive Social Club and it's associated clubs for players to book games.


A new type of social media network designed only to keep you connected to your friends & family without the distractions of influencers.

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Sploot is a thriving community-driven platform dedicated to assisting pet parents in their journey. The platform offers a wide range of informative content on canine behavior, health, and nutrition through their app.


Pet parents can access services such as boarding centers, vets, and behaviorists for free, making pet parenting easier.


Additionally, Sploot provides fresh dog food, dog walking, and grooming services. With a significant presence on both the Play Store and App Store, Sploot has delivered thousands of meals and dog walks in the Delhi-NCR region alone garnering over 100k downloads in the process.


Their Instagram following exceeds 82,000, reflecting the platform's popularity.


The founders, inspired by observing common mistakes made by pet parents, aim to foster collective learning and education, believing it is crucial in influencing pet-related decisions.

Github Repositories

These are a few packages and repos that I've worked on and put on my gthub


A Package that uses AVFoundation to allow users to use a record and playback audio recorder via the device's mic and saves the recording audio files via FileManager.

It also uses a third party library known as "Drops" to give user feedback.

The View uses a @GestureState wrapper to persist the pressing state of the user and to check the drag value of the user.

It resets the value to zero when the user has stopped pressing on the screen.

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